Friday, December 4, 2009

Breakfast at the French Quarter: Brennan's - New Orleans, LA


I am a vegetarian and I eat eggs. That could open up a whole array of dishes I can enjoy, but I am also one of those finicky vegetarians who complains when omelets, pancakes or crepes (dishes made with eggs) smell or taste like eggs.

The description on the menu at Brennan's was so tempting (also coupled with the fact that there were no other options besides desserts) that I went for Eggs Portuguese. The exact words were flaky pastry shells filled with freshly chopped tomatoes sautéed in butter with parsley and shallots. Topped with poached eggs and covered with Hollandaise sauce. A description so appealing that you want to get to know it, see it and then consume it. The eggs were perfect, like a piece of semi-solid heaven. They seemed to have miraculously gotten rid of the more unfavorable characteristics and retained only the likable ones.

Simple items like Strawberries and double cream (very English) and southern baked apples with double cream tasted delicious. We also tried a whole array of desserts: Bananas Foster - Brennan's original recipe , strawberry filled crepe and chocolate cake.

We actually had a butler (shared amongst a few tables); but totally ignored his performance at the stove while he made our deserts. When the food is this good who can blame us for missing the show, but then again how often do you have a semi-personal butler? Never had one.

The restaurant is housed in Edgar Degas's (French Impressionist painter) grandparent's house; there is a lot of history, character, and some level of formality associated with the place.We had reservations here; the place was recommended to us by a friend, an expensive meal but definitely lived up to the hype.

Link to their menu: Brennan's, New Orleans,LA
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