Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Gumbo Shop - French Quarter, New Orleans, LA

This was a jackpot - I was attracted to the place because of one menu item that said 'a vegetarian dish with rice, beans and creole seasonings'. Lo and Behold we could eat all of the items below:
Gumbo z ' herbes or green gumbo
Meatless macque choux corn
Garlic mashed potatoes
Beans and rice with Creole seasoning
Stir fried asparagus
Bread pudding with whiskey sauce (a traditional southern dessert, too sweet for some folks but perfect for my sweet tooth)
New Orleans may seem like a meat lovers paradise which it very well may be, but it definitely takes care of vegetarians. I have heard the words southern, comfort, homely used to describe these foods time and again and now I completely understand why. The high ceilings, and walls with murals were a contrast to the low key but extremely tasty food. Our slightly portly, sweet and sour waitress (very motherly, with a strict-for-your-own-good attitude) definitely made us feel at home.
A must visit for any vegetarian wandering around the French Quarter.

Link to their menu: Gumbo shop, New Orleans, LA
Gumbo Shop on Urbanspoon
Gumbo Shop on Restaurantica

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