Sunday, January 17, 2010

Burgers in Bahrain (An Island country in the Arabian Sea) - Manama, Bahrain

And the winner is The Boardwalk at the Wahoo water park.......
Have always been a fan of the sandwiches and burgers; assorted foods between slices of bread have always appealed to me.
Have envied people biting into their juicy burgers in America (right from the days when the America in Archie comics was the only America I knew). I could not eat the real deal, but the burger/sandwich chains did come up with different vegetarian versions: flavorless, tasteless, soy based slabs of dehydrated vegetarian patty. Did not cut it for me.
The burgers in Bahrain are different; they have, not the soy, not the marginally better bean, but the potato and mixed vegetable patty (Aloo tikky-like). I tried vegetarian burgers at two joints: The Boardwalk at Wahoo Water park and Jasmis (a local burger chain, with a red and yellow logo bearing an uncanny resemblance to that of Mcdonald's)

The Boardwalk at Wahoo water park

We spent a good portion of the morning enjoying the rides at the Water park. We did work up quite an appetite, walking up several sets of stairs leading to the different appropriately named rides (black hole, master blaster, splish and splash etc..). Soaking wet, we walked into The Boardwalk, bang at the centre of the Water park.
Delighted to find vegetarian burgers, ordered a few with cups of coffee and tea. The patty had the perfect golden outer crust (breaded and all) with a soft, very well seasoned, potato mix at the center. The warm burgers with ketchup and sips of cardamom tea was the perfect snack to get us geared up for another session of water rides.


Encouraged by our positive experience, we tried the burgers at Jasmis located in the food court at the Bahrain city center mall. The same potato filling, similar looking patty, but the smell and the taste were totally off. We suspect the oil; will not eat there again.
Both Burger King and Mcdonald's  have their versions of vegetarian burgers. Will try them on my next trip to Bahrain.

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