Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Koume Japanese restaurant - Plantation, FL

Interesting Japanese food

I used to be embarrassed by noisy welcomes at restaurants: some places ring bells, some cheer, and some call out to you. Here, the waitress greets you and then the sushi chefs (with work tables facing the entrance) call out to you in chorus – surprisingly, this actually made me feel welcome. I guess am more American now! (I say that because I learnt the art of exchanging pleasantries with strangers only after moving here).

We went in with a friend, a fellow vegetarian and a regular. He encouraged us to skip appetizers and go with Tofu teriyaki, an entree. An interesting dish - pan seared Tofu served on a bed of sprouts atop a sizzling cast iron platter (reminiscent of sizzlers back in India, I have been hard pressed to find them elsewhere). Once the waitress arrived, I prepped her with the basics - we are vegetarians, so, no meat, no chicken broth, and no fish sauce (special request at Japanese and Chinese joints). To my friend's disappointment, the teriyaki sauce at this restaurant happened to have chicken broth. However, the friendly waitress agreed to substitute it with a ginger soy sauce. In the end the dish turned out to really yummy.

We also ordered vegetable yaki sobe. Yaki sobe literally means 'fried noodles' (reminiscent of Mumbai street side Indo-Chinese Hakka noodles). The vegetables and noodles were served in a sizzling platter and were fried just enough to bring out the burnt flavor but not the taste. They fry their vegetables (ginger, cabbage, onions, and carrot) in butter which took the dish up a notch or two.

Things to try:

Tofu Teriyaki (with ginger soy sauce)

Vegetable yaki sobe

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  1. Hi there! Was in Miami for a week recently, but didn't get to visit this one. Sounds interesting!